Time Traveler’s Diary

Artist Statement

Sense of time is mysterious. I feel that every year is getting shorter and shorter. But, when I was a child, the time would pass much slower. I used to have enough time to count how many clouds there were in the sky, and how many stones there were in my parents’ garden… There was still too much time to kill before sunset. Sense of time is changeable. If I think about something deeply on the way home, I soon realize that I have suddenly reached the front door of my apartment. Time would pass so fast when I’m very busy or when I do what I really like. Time is a strange thing.

For the “Time Traveler’s Diary” series, I tried to create an imaginary travel story which would be experienced whenever and wherever in our minds. The images were originally unrelated to each other, but they became tied together invisibly, like a word association game. As a photographer, and as long as the sense of time keeps its mysteries, I will continue to record my “travel”…

Reiko Imoto