Visions of the Other Side


Artist Statement

These images represent surreal moments that I see in everyday life. On the street, or wherever I go, the hidden side of ordinary things attract my eye.

To me, photography is a tool to expand ways of seeing the mysteries that I used to see easily when I was a little child. I am not interested in a documentation of reality, but I recognize my photography as its own imaginative reality.

As adults, we are forced to face to one big reality that everybody shares in the society. Our life styles with advanced technologies have taken away the abilities to see the everyday magic.; we are too busy to play with our own inner realities.

With my body of work, I have tried to collect and portray my inner reality of the subconscious world. I have never been able to use words to explain or express the unexpected feelings that I get from the visions of mysteries. My own reality takes place between the outside world and my imaginary world. I have to catch the “visions of the other side” carefully with my camera before they disappear.

If we open mind’s eye widely, it is possible to see surreal moments that bring a fresh air into everyday life; poetic mysteries can be everywhere.

The images are created as straight, and non-staged. I used traditional 35mm camera with Tri-X 400 films, and all the images are printed as silver gelatin on 16″x 20″ Agfa classic fiber base paper.

Reiko Imoto