Monthly Archives: April 2005

Sunday, April 17th, 2005
Right now, I’m working for my solo show in Bratislava, Slovakia (International Festival of Photogarahy) that will be in November this year (in 2005).

So far, 2 more solo shows of mine are planned for next year (in 2006). The first one will be in Osaka, Japan in February – March, and the other one will be in Brussels, Belgium in May.
The details of the shows will be announced later on. If you live in or around those cities, and if you are interested in visiting any of my shows, please contact me before coming to the show(s)!! I would like to see YOU!

I haven’t updated my web for a quite while, but I’m well and I will try to update some more stuff soon, so please come back soon! Thank you!!

Best wishes,