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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
Hello there. Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all? This year has only less than 1 month, but not finished yet. Yes, there are some more things to do for this year!

Well, I hope that you all will have a peaceful new year soon!

My recent news is… some articles about my last solo show in Month of Photography in Bratislava, Slovakia are shown in “Watt Foto-Video” magazine (Slovakia) and “Biuletyn Fotograficzny” magazine (Poland) this month. You can also view 3 photos, about the show, in a web magazine, Swiat Obrazu;

Here is a brief schedule of some confirmed shows in 2006;

My first show for the next year will be held in Osaka, Japan. (February 20th – March 11th)
The place is Gallery Warp at Osaka Sogo College of Design.

The next show, “Poetic Mysteries by Reiko Imoto”, will be held in Brussels, Belgium. (May 16th – June 1st) The place is Japanese Embassy (the Cultural and Information Center of the Embassy of Japan);

I’m planning to show my last 5 series (about 100 pictures) of my works that have some Surrealistic qualities.

My exhibition “Dreamscapes” and “Dreams of the Amnesiac” will be traveling in Poland in 2006 and 2007. The first show will be held at BWA gallery in Wroclaw (in Oct, or in Dec.). Then, 2 to 4 places/cities (including Galeria Pusta in Katowice, and Galeria Fotografii “pf” in Poznan) will be followed after. A catalogue with my works will be published for the Polish shows. This will be my first monograph photo book, and I’m excited about it!

More details about all the shows will be posted soon! Please let me know if YOU are in or around those cities where I have the shows next year. I hope to see YOU at my show(s) soon! THANK YOU :)
Keep warm!

Best wishes,

Thursday, November 10th, 2005
Hello there. Thanks for visiting my web!

I have just had my opening reception in Bratislava´s Month of Photography last week. I was so happy that so many people had come for it! Thanks so much to everyone who has helped my show and everyone who visited my show! Thanks a lot for giving me your warm comments or leaving them in my guest book at the gallery! I hope that you keep on dreaming as well! I also thank everyone who couldn´t come to Bratislava but has given me nice messages by e-mail! I really appreciate all of YOU! I mean it, Thank You and Dekuji!!

It was fun to visit many other galleries to see so many photographers´ works at the festival. I really enjoyed meeting people who I met last year and who I met first time this year in Bratislava. Everybody is so great. Hoping to see YOU all somewhere in the future again!!

This is my page in the festival catalogue:
Click to enlarge!
Click image to enlarge!

A picture of my show at Galéria F7 in Bratislava:

Well, about my recent news … the new slideshow “Dreamscapes, Echoes of Childhood” will be shown as a group show within 54 artists´slideshows at De´Art Festival in Moscow, Russia on November 11th from 9:00 pm. The details are HERE and HERE! (in Russian)

Also, the same project of slideshows will be shown again in Saint-Petersburg in Russia at the end of November. The details will be posted soon!

Thanks again.
Wishing you peaceful dreams!!