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Friday, October 23rd, 2006

Hello there. Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all?
Well, this autumn has been very busy for me, travelling to my shows. I had great time visiting Nantes

(France) and San Antonio and also Dallas (TX, USA) in September!Before some reports about my travel, please take a look this info…

Here are details for my next show in Basel, Switzerland in November!

Dreamscapes” by Reiko Imoto

Dates; November 2nd (Thu.) until 25th (Sat.), 2006
Place; PEP + NO NAME photo gallery
Address; Unt. Heuberg 2, 4051 Basel, Switzerland

Gallery Hours; Mon-Fri(12pm–19pm), and Sat(11am–16pm)
Opening Reception; November 2nd (Thu.) 2006, 18pm – 20pm

Please come and visit my opening and exhibition if you live in/around Basel or plan to travel around Switzerland! This is my first show in Switzerland, and I’m so excited to meet people there! I hope to see YOU all soon!!

Well, as I mentioned, 2 of my shows opened in Nantes and San Antonio in September. I’d like to say “Thanks a lot to those of you who visited my shows “Dreamscapes” and “Dreams of the Amnesiac” at Pol’n, and also thanks to all who visited my slideshows at Le Lieu Unique, where the events were held for the “DIAPORAMA” photo festival in Nantes in September!
Many thanks to Mateusz Targowski, the organizer, and all of the staff and ( Franka, Stefanie, Ludovic, Laetitia, Yann, ) and volunteers for the festival! I really appreciate you all. It was really excellent to meet all the people in Nantes. I miss the city and people I met, and hope to visit the festival again!

Click here to see some pictures of my show at Diaporama photo festival (Nantes, France). (19 pics)

This is a photo of the slideshow evening at Le Lieu Unique in theDiaporama. Click to enlarge.

My other solo show of “Dreamscapes” at Bihl Haus Arts for “Fotoseptiembre USA” in San Antonio, Texas, USA has been open since September 15th, and it will run until October 30th. I’d like to say “Many thanks to Michael Mehl, the festival Director and Ann Kinser, the festival Coodinater. Also, thanks a lot to Eric, and Kellen Kee McIntyre, the Director of the gallery. Thanks very much to City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs who supported my show. Thanks to all of those who visited my show as well. It was a really great experience for me to share the time with all of you! I miss San Antonio and YOU all that I met there!! “

Click here to see some pictures of my show at FotoSeptiembre USAin San Antonio, Texas. (14 pics)

I also would like to say ”Thanks a lot to Susan kae Grant and theTWA Fine Arts Gallery and the Photogrphic Artists Coalition who gave me a great opportunity to have the lecture in Texas Woman’s University. Thanks also to the people who came to my lecture. I was so glad to see YOU all!”

Here are the details about my show in San Antonio, if you are in /around San Antonio and if you haven’t visited it yet, please don’t miss it!

Dreamscapes – Triptychsexhibition by REIKO IMOTO

Place; Bihl Haus Arts
2803 Fredericksburg Road (Primrose Apartments)
San Antonio, TX 78201, USA

Exhibit on display: until October 30, 2006
Viewing hours: Friday – Saturday, 1:00 – 4:00pm, and by appointment

Contact: Kellen Kee McIntyre
(210) 383-9723

This exhibit is curated by Michael Mehl ( the director of SAFOTO ), and the show is supported by the City Of San Antonio Office Of Cultural Affairs – the web is;
You can also take a look at the exhibition PROGRAM shown on the web of SAFOTO, the organization of the festival;

Well, here is a link to my interview about my show “Dreamscapes- Triptychs” in Fotoseptiembre USA. The interview was done by Dan R. Goddard. I enjoyed the interview and liked the article a lot;

My other news is that I participated in an art group show, “(Inter)communication” at the Project Fabrika gallery in Moscow, Russia on September 11th. The artists who participated sent faxes with their images and texts to represent a communicative language between people in the world, and the results were made into a show. My piece was like this;

And, my last news this time is that 2 images from my “Visions of the Other Side” series are introduced now on “Blood Orange Review” which is a web magazine for art and literature. Here a the link to the issue (Volume 1.3) ;

I hope that YOU are all well and also doing well! Hoping to hear from YOU, and see YOU again soon! Take care!

Best wishes,
*** PS: Well, my e-mail account went wrong in September, so in case you haven’t got any reply from me, please write to me again! Thanks! (Your message possibly could not be delivered to me.) Sorry about the inconvenience!

Best wishes,