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Friday, February 2nd, 2007

Hello there.
Thanks for visiting my web!

How has been this year started for you? I was traveling in New Zealand during the new year. The landscapes with beautiful mountains and lakes refreshed my mind and health.

I’ve recognized again that I loved being in nature. Brussels where I live has a very little nature, so if I travel, I would love to go for real nature as much as possible next time. Otherwise, I try to stay home to spend lots of time for my creation this year! How about your own aims and plans for this year?

Well, my next solo show will be held from April 3rd until May 6th inWroclaw, Poland ( BWA gallery ). This show will be a part of my Traveling Show in Poland, after Poznan that was held last year. For the coming show in Wroclaw, the image size of my “Dreamscapes” series will become 4 times larger than before, and there will be no frame or matte around the images… I’m excited to imagine the atmosphere of the space with the new version of the “Dreamscapes”. Following this show, there will be another “Dreamscapes” show form May 9th until the end of June in Katowice, Poland (Galeria Pusta). This is also a part of the traveling show. I will announce more details about the shows soon. Please look forward to it! Thanks!!

Belgium is sometimes cold and sometimes warm nowadays. I’m not good at managing in freezing winter, but it doesn’t feel right to have too much warm winter either, as you know. I wish I could see beautiful snow this year as well, even if the weather would be freezing ( sorry about saying this if you’ve been having really cold winter.). Taking pictures in snow would be something special that I haven’t experienced for ages… I miss the magical feeling to look up the dark sky with lots and lots of snowflakes! That makes me forget the coldness of the winter… I would run out for it even if it’s late at night! How are you all?

Ok, please take care and keep warm!

Best wishes,