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Monday, June 25th, 2007

My show at Galleria Pusta in Katowice, Poland closed in the middle of June. I just wanted to say thanks again to the people who helped with the show and all of

YOU who visited the show! There were 736 visitors and I was so glad to read the comments / messages that were left in my guest book, one by one. It is interesting for me to know how people see, feel and think in front of my art as a part of communications between ourselves. Somebody wrote that a friend took the person to the show for his/her birthday present with a surprise. What a sweet thing to do for others! Our world is not totally too bad… thanks. There were many Polish writings in the guest book as well, and I have read them all with the help of a translator. I’m just happy to know that people have wonderful minds that are poetic, philosophical, intelligent, sensitive, honest, and dreamy…each person is unique and interesting. THANKS and CHEERS to Katowice!!

Well, all of Europe has really strange weather recently… really hot and sunny, or lots of thunder and raining, or cold and suddenly snowy!! Who knows how this summer is going? Please take care with whatever goes on! I will do the same.

I hope to see YOU all soon!

Best wishes,

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Hello there.
Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all? Hoping you all are well! My 2 shows in Wroclaw, Poland were closed at the beginning of May. Thanks a lot for those who have visited! I was happy to meet many of the visitors as well.

My opening reception at Galeria Pusta in Katowice, Poland was nicely held on May 9th. Thanks so much for those who came to visit the opening! I was very happy to see YOU all! Thanks a lot for Jakub Byrczek (Curator of Galeria Pusta), Tomasz Janikowski (Director of GCK), Romek Kowalewsk (Festival Director of OKiS), Elzbieta Lubowicz (Curator for my show), Motoyuki Kubo & Yumiko Kubo(The PRINTS), Bernard Weber and the team (L’ Atelier WEBER)!! The opening was held with a nice, cozy atmosphere and I really enjoyed meeting the very kind, lovely people in Katowice! I hope to see YOU all again!

Here are some of snap shots from the show at Galeria Pusta (25 pics.);

This show is still open until June 17th, so please visit it if you plan to come to Katowice soon! Here are the details of the show;

* *Dreamscapes” by Reiko Imoto

Dates: May 9th (Wed) – June 17th (Sun), 2007
Place: Galeria Pusta at Górnoslaskie Centrum Kultury (GCK)
Address: Pl. Sejmu Slaskiego 2, 40-032 Katowice, Poland
Phone no.+48 32 6090316, e-mail:
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday / 11:00 – 18:00

Here is NEWS about my catalogue book;
My new catalogue “Dreamscapes” has finally been published! If you’d like to purchase the catalogue, you can do so at BWA gallery in Wroclaw or Pusta gallery in Katowice, Poland, and the addresses are here;

BWA galley in Wroclaw;
BWA Wroclaw
Address: 50-149 Wroclaw, ul. Wita Stwosza 32, Poland
tel:(071) 790 25 82, fax:(071) 790 25 90, e-mail:
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday / 11 am – 18 pm

Pusta gallery in Katowice;
Galeria Pusta at Górnoslaskie Centrum Kultury (GCK)
Address: Pl. Sejmu Slaskiego 2, 40-032 Katowice, Poland
Phone no.+48 32 6090316, e-mail:
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday / 11:00 – 18:00

The “Dreamscapes“catalogue will be available on the purchase page of this Website (Reiko Imoto / Photo Artts) soon as well, so please wait for the details! Thank you.

Well, it’s already as hot as summer here in Belgium, and I feel that time is passing so fast this year! I hope that you will have good weather in your city, and wishing you a great summer!! I don’t know if we will have an extremely hot summer where I live this year…, we generally don’t have air-conditioners in houses/ apartments in the country, so let’s see… Anyway, I will try to concentrate on my creative activities this summer! Hope that YOU all will have a creative summer as well!
See you later and take care!

Best wishes,