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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

I hope that spring is coming soon! I’m busy to create my new project now. How are you doing?


Well, here is NEWS

In this spring, several images from my “Dreamscapes” series (with texts by the curator, Elzbieta Lubowicz) will be published in Polish magazines, “Fotografia Quaterly” and “Format magazine”. I will report how they look like as soon as the magazine issues reach me.

The next NEWS is …
Here is a schedule of my upcoming exhibitions for 2008!

* * Solo show; at Gallery Tosei, Tokyo (Nakano), Japan: June 3rd – 29th

* * Small solo show; at The upper gallery of the Instituto de Mexico
in “FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA” international festival of photography,
San Antonio, Texas, USA: September 6th –

Apt, France: November 8th – December 20th,

* * Solo show; at Galerie PHOTOPIA,
Avignon, France: November – December

That’s all so far. More details of the shows will be announced later on!
Hope to see YOU at some of the shows this year!!

I’ve been working on my new slideshows as well as a new series of printed work! I hope to update them on this web site soon.
Well, I’ve found a camera called “Diana +” recently, that is a remake version of the original “Diana”. I used to look for the original one everywhere when I was living in the USA, but I could never find it at that time. So, I’m quite happy to have a “Diana+” and I’m looking forward to using it with some colour films (!) as well. Let’s see how the images will look like!

Hope that YOU all are well!
Take care, and See you soon : )

Best wishes,