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Sunday, July 6, 2008
Hello there!

Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you there? Hope that you all are fine. Well, my solo show at Gallery Tosei in Tokyo closed at the end of June.

There were so many people visiting the show, and I really appreciate all of YOU who visited! Thank you!

I would really like to thank to Mr. Kunihiro Takahashi, the president of Gallery Tosei, and also thanks a lot to Ms. Maki Iwasaki and Ms. Emi Fukuyama at Gallery Tosei, who helped my show a lot. Also, thanks so much to Mr. Satoru Watanabe, the photographer who helped my “Gallery Talk” show a lot. And, also thanks a lot to Mr. Motoyuki Kubo and Ms. Yumiko Kubo at The PRINTS, who printed 2 of my images as large prints. Thanks again to all of YOU for your support!!!

Well, I could have great time in Tokyo in June, specially at Gallery Tosei, meeting so many photo-related people. Some of them talked to me about their own dreams after looking at my work. I like to listen to something around and beyond photography itself, so I was happy to listen to such things, seeing other people’s subconscious world… I guess that‘s the kind of communication that I really like having through my photography! Again, thanks a lot to YOU all, and hope to see you soon!!
The snap shots from the exhibit will be shown on this NEWS page next time!! So, please come back soon!

Here is NEWS;

16 images from my new series “Time Traveler’s Diary” are now being shown on a web gallery ofSAFOTO, which is the organizer of Fotoseptiembre USA -the international festival of photography in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Here is a link to the web gallery;

Time Traveler’s Diary” series will be shown in Fotoseptiembre USA, which will be held from September. The program of the festival will be posted on SAFOTO’s website in the 3rd week of July!
Please look forward to it!

The next NEWS is…;

Time Traveler’s Diary” series will be also shown as a solo exhibition at Galerie Pfriem in Lacoste, France from September for about 4 months. Here are the details for the show;

Time Traveler’s Diary” by Reiko Imoto
Dates: September 10th (Wed) – December 20th (Sat)
Place: Galerie Pfriem
Rue du Four 84480 Lacoste, France Phone : 04 90 75 66 34

* Opening Reception/ Lecture will be held sometime in the last half of October.
More details will be posted soon!

Between this autumn and winter, there will be more of my upcoming shows, so I will post the complete details soon as well!

Well, I have really enjoyed my stay in Tokyo this time… with my show, and I also enjoyed having Tempura and Soba (these foods are the best stuff in Tokyo!) You should try them if you visit there!

Please take care, and see YOU all soon!

Best wishes,