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Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Hello there!
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How are you doing? Western Europe seems to be freezing cold now…

Well, last week, I had a very good time with a very lovely reception for my show at Galerie Pfriem in Lacoste, South France, where the weather was much warmer than in the north. Thanks a lot for those of YOU who have visited the show, and the lecture! Lacoste is a very beautiful classic, stoney town on a hill… I will report about the show with some snap shots later on! So, please look forward to it! I’m going back to Lacoste soon, and I will have another show in Apt which is located very close to Lacoste. The details of the shows are below;

* * “Dreaming Spiralssolo exhibition by REIKO IMOTO

Dates: Nov. 7th (Fri) – Dec. 20th (Sat)
Opening Reception: Nov. 5th (Wed), 6pm –

Place: Atelier d’art Fernand Bourgeois,
14, place du Postel, Apt, 84400 France
phone: 04 90 04 52 47

Gallery Hours: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; 10am -12pm, and 2pm – 5:30pm
The show will open to the public from November 7th (Fri).

A part of the show is supported by Atelier d’art Fernand Bourgeois.
Atelier d’art Fernand Bourgeois is an art gallery of a museum in Apt.

Dreaming Spirals” exhibition contains 2 series of Reiko’s works that are titled, “Dreamscapes” and “Dreams of the Amnesiac“.
Reiko’s workshop is also planed to be held for the local young students in November.
During this exhibition, Reiko Imoto’s other show entitled,“Time Traveler’s Diary” will also be held atGalerie Pfriem in Lacoste where the town is located only 15km away from Apt.

* *Time Traveler’s Diary solo exhibition by REIKO IMOTO

Dates: until Dec. 19th (Fri)

Place: Galerie Pfriem,
Rue Trophime, 84480 Lacoste, France
phone: +
Gallery Hours: Mon – Fri (9 am – 12 pm, and 2 pm – 5 pm)

Galerie Pfriem is an art gallery, belonging to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Lacoste. A part of the show is supported by SCAD. The “Time Traveler’s Diary” show contains 21 pieces of photographs in which the theme is “time trips in our minds”.

Please check out these little articles about the show (in French);

In addition, Reiko’s book “Dreamscapes” and signed poster of the “Time Traveler’s Diary” are also available at the gallery.

Please visit the shows if you are in or around South France in November and December! Looking forward to seeing you all! Well, I also have a plan to visit Paris Photo which will be held soon afeter I visit Apt this month. Please let me know in case YOU visit it as well. Let’s meet up!

Have a wonderful autumn.
See you soon!!

Best wishes,
Reiko *** PS: My Gallery and Slideshows pages have been updated! Please take a look at them!
Thanks :)