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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all? It’s already the middle of December now, and

I’m still busy doing a lot of work for the rest of this year! I guess that you are also busy, so good luck with you all!

My shows in Lacoste, and Apt in the south of France are still open; my “Dreaming Spirals” show atAtelier d’art Fernand Bougeois in Apt is open until December 20th, and also my “Time Traveler’s Diary” show at Galerie Pfriem in Lacoste is open until December 19th. So, please don’t miss them! (The info about these shows is shown in my previous NEWS on November 1st).

I’m going to have a meeting with an English class of young students in a local school in Apt soon. Last month, I had a lecture about my works in the “Dreaming Spirals” show with them and their teacher. They are young (16 years-old), but with very mature attitudes towards art. All of the students were so wonderful! They had many interesting opinions and questions about my works, and I really enjoyed talking with them and answering their questions. (Their English is very good, too!)

They have been making some art works about their own dreams since I met them, and I ‘m very much looking forward to meeting them again and also looking forward to seeing their works this month. I can’t wait!

I will update some with photos from the shows in Lacoste and Apt after they are closed. And, I will mention more about the people who helped my shows in Lacoste and Apt…

Before that, I MUST update the “photo reports” from the older “NEWS” which I haven’t done yet…; 2 shows in September that were “Fotoseptiembre USA” international photo festival in San Antonio, Texas, and “Transformational Dialogue: David Gibson, Reiko Imoto & Osamu James Nakagawa” exhibition at TWU in Denton, Texas.

First of all, I would like to say “Thanks very much!” for the great help and support to Michael Mehl andAnn Kinser who are the organizers of Fotoseptiembre USA, and Felix Padron who is the director ofthe City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs, and also Gabriela Franco who is the director ofInstituto Cultural De Mexico where I had the show. Also, thanks a lot for the kind support to Al Rendon and Liz Rendon, and thanks for the kind friendship to David Silvan and Jorge Pablo de Aguinaco. Thanks so much to everyone who visited the show! Everyone I met in San Antonio was so wonderful!!

Here are the snap shots from the “mini series” solo show of my “Time Traveler’s Diary” at Instituto Cultural De Mexico in “Fotoseptiembre USA” in San Antonio ( 11 pics.). Please enjoy!;

Then also, fist of all, I would like to say “Thanks a lot!” for the great help and support to Susan kae Grant and Vance Wingate, who organized and curated the 3 artists’ show at Texas Womans University (TWU). Also, thanks for the help to Tanya Synar (TWU gallery coordinator), Ashlae, Kerryand Lidia, and also Jenny and Sunny at TWU. Many thanks to Richard Klein in Dallas, Motoyuki Kuboand Yumiko Kubo (The PRINTS in Tokyo), and many thanks to the excellent artists participated in the show with me; Osamu James Nakagawa and David Gibson. Thanks so much to the students at TWUand also UNT and everyone who visited the show, reception and the lecture. Everyone I met in Denton and Dallas was so wonderful!!

Here are the snaps from the “Transformational Dialogue: David Gibson, Reiko Imoto & Osamu James Nakagawa” exhibition at TWU in Denton ( 10 pics.). Let’s see!;

I hope YOU are all well, and wishing YOU all a good holiday season!
I will try to update this NEWS page this month again! So, please come back :)

Belgium is freezing cold now, but I see beautiful snow sometimes. It’s the only lovely thing about winter… ha ha!

Please keep warm!
See you soon.

Best wishes,
*** PS: I visited “Paris Photo” -the biggest photo fair in Europe in November. The theme for the fair this year was “Japan”… so, there were many galleries and publishers from Japan. I was so happy to meet people from Tosei-sha from Tokyo (a publisher, and it has a gallery where I had a show this year).Tosei-sha was invited to Paris Photo this year! I was also so happy to meet my photographer friends –Erwin Staeheli from Switzerland, Elijah Gowin and James Nakagawa from the USA. Elijah gave me his new book “Maggie”. (Thanks a lot!) It is a wonderful book indeed!!
I also met a lot of new people there. The meetings were cool!
Hope to see YOU all soon!!