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Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all? I’m well and I have been working on my projects well this winter!

Well, I haven’t updated my “photo reports” from my solo shows in France yet, but I will do it bit by bit later on :) Let’s see!

Here is NEWS!

Recently, I wrote a photo review in a photographer’s new book,“PONTE 25 DE ABRIL” by SAYURI NAITO.
Her book was completed and published last month, and the brand-new book was sent to me by Sayuri Naito herself! What a beautiful cover image the book has! I feel so honored that I could participate in this wonderful publication as a reviewer of her photography. Thanks a lot to Sayuri!

Please check out the details of this book in my web’s “Link” page. I wrote the info of PONTE 25 DE ABRIL by SAYURI NAITO” in the “RECOMMENDATION” section on the Linkspage.

Please take care, and See YOU all soon!

Best wishes,