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Saturday, March 21st, 2009

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It’s already “spring” on the calendar! How are you all? Belgian weather is getting milder nowadays. How is your city now?

OK, I have finally updated the “photo reports” from my last solo shows which were held in Provence, south France until last December. The first report is about the “Time Traveler’s Diary” show at Galerie Pfriem in Lacoste… well, before starting it, I would like to say “Thanks a lot” to the following people who supported the show; Laurie Farrell(Savannah College of Art and Design, Executive Director of Exhibitions), Mary Scarvalone (SCAD-Lacoste Director), Laetitia Martin (Gallery Pfriem, Cordinator), the professors and staff (SCAD-Lacoste). Thanks so much also to everybody who visited the show, and thanks a lot to the students who attended my lecture with slide shows as well!
I really appreciate all of you!


Time Traveler’s Diary” show at Galeria Pfriem in Lacoste, France. (Sept. 10th – Dec.20th, 2009). Please click the image below ! (16 pics.);


Alright, the next report is about my “Dreaming Spirals” show at Atelier d’art Fernand Bourgeois in Apt. First of all, I would like to say “Thanks a lot” to the following people and institutes who supported the show;Audrey Enjalbert (Gallery Director), Mairie d’Apt (Service des affaires culturelles), SCAD-Lacoste, Erwin Staeheli, Yves Muller, and alsoMotoyuki Kubo and Yumiko Kubo (The PRINTS). Thanks so much also for everyone who visited the show and who attended my lectures / workshops! Big thanks to the teachers and students of the “Classe de 1st littéraire du lycée d’Apt” – (all of the students created really wonderful triptych / diptych photo art!!) Thanks also to the lovely children at the primary school in Apt and “Centre Social Maisen Berhomme” as well!! Everyone made excellent works of art!


Dreaming Spirals” show at Atelier d’art Fernand Bourgeois in Apt, France (Nov. 7th – Dec. 20th, 2009) Please click the image below ! (34 pics.);

In April, there will be a photo show “Longing for Buenos Aires” byErwin Staeheli (from Switzerland) at Gallery Tosei in Tokyo, Japan. I will participate as a translator in a Talk Show (Erwin Staeheli withSatoru Watanabe) at the Gallery. The details are here;
The show will be a great one for sure, so please come to visit it!

Well, we have quite a lot of sunshine in Belgium nowadays, and spring seems to have already arrived here! Yah, it feels nice to take pictures outside in the milder temperature… I have been taking a lot of pictures outside this month, and I’m looking forward to taking pictures of cherry blossoms around Mt. Fuji in April, and I will make sure to eat some “Soba” and “Tempura” in Tokyo. I’m excited.

Ok, looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Take care, and have a nice spring time!!

Best wishes,