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Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!
How are you all? How was your holiday? I’m back in Belgium now and I’m fine, thanks. Well, the calendar season is already autumn now!

I had a great summer in Japan in July, having a show in my hometown and meeting lots of people there! Thanks a lot to everyone who came to my show. I could meet old friends from my high school and a teacher from my junior high school… they all came to my show and it was wonderful for me!

Thanks so much to Mr. Tohru Miura and Mrs. Hideko Miura of Kobe Watakushi Bijutsukan (KobePrivate Museum), who have been helping the show and looked after me and the visitors so well everyday!!
This exhibition is still open until September 25th, so please don’t miss it.

Here are the details of the show;

* * The World of REIKO IMOTO” exhibition

Dates: until Sept. 25th (Fri)

Place: Kobe Watakushi Bijutsukan (Kobe Private Art Museum)
Address: 2-7-5, Nishi Maruyama-cho, Nagata-ku, Kobe, 653-0874 Japan
The nearest station: Maruyama station (Kobe Dentetsu – Arima Line)

Phone/Fax: 078 621 0366
Map (in Japanese):

Museum Hours: 10 am – 5 pm with an appointment to visit.

Website of Watakushi Bijutsukan (Private Museums) in Japan (in Japanese):

* Kobe Watakushi Bijutsukan is a private art museum, which is in a traditional Japanese house of the art collector -Mr. Tohru Miura, and his wife, Mrs. Hideko Miura.

* The museum organizes 4 exhibits every year, and “The World of REIKO IMOTO” exhibition has been selected to be organized for this special year; “the 10th anniversary” of the museum.

* Please call the museum to make an appointment at least a day before your visit. Thank you!

In this show, I’m showing selected photographs from my series of works, including “Dreamscapes” and “Dreams of the Amnesiac” in frames, and also tiny print portfolios from other series, including “Time Traveler’s Diary”, “Another’s Hand”, and a new photo collage series about flying!

Please come to visit the show if you are in Kobe or around the city this September! Thanks.

The next NEWS is…

My upcoming show is coming in Cheb, Czech Republic in October!
Here are the details of the show;

* * Dreamtime” exhibition by REIKO IMOTO

Dates: October 2nd – November 2nd

Opening Reception: October 2nd, from 6pm

Place: Galerie 4, galerie fotografie
Kamenná 2
350 22 Cheb
Czech Republic

Tel./Fax: +420 354 422 838

Gallery Hours: Tue – Fri; 10:00 – 18:00
Sat. 11:00 – 17:00
Sundays and Mondays are closed.

* Galerie 4 is a Czech’s state gallery for photography in Cheb. The city is located near the border between the country and Germany, and the gallery is located in the old part of Cheb where the area was built in the 12th century. Galerie 4 was established in 1985, and it is the largest photo gallery in the Czech Republic, holding 4 rooms for exhibitions inside. 10 to 12 shows of national and international photographers are usually held in the gallery every year.

* The “Dreamtime” exhibition is going to contain 3 photo series of my works; “Time Traveler’s Diary”, “Dreams of the Amnesiac”, and “Dreamscapes”. I’m excited to think about the show and the trip to the Czech Republic! I must try to learn some Czech language as well. Let’s see…!
Please visit the show if you live in Czech or you are planning to travel the country this autumn! Thanks, I Look forward to seeing YOU all!

Well, I moved around the world a lot this summer… went to Japan in July for my show in Kobe and went to Hokkaido (which is the most north prefecture in Japan) to see my friend there. From Sapporo to Otaru in Hokkaido where I visited has wonderful landscape with the sea and mountains. The weather was cool and all the food in Hokkaido was so fresh and so good! I loved the trip.

I came back to Belgium in August, but soon after it, I traveled to east part of Germany. (You know, Germany is just next door of Belgium, so it was pretty easy to visit there more than visiting my home country 😉 Anyway, I’m looking forward to stopping in Germany on the way to Czech Republic in October. Weimar in Germany is the city I always stop on the way to Eastern European countries. (Weimar had so many musicians, artists, and literary people in history. It’s so interesting to feel the air of artistic spirits in the city.) Of course, I’m mostly excited to visit Cheb in the Czech Republic to have a show and to meet people there soon! It will be my first show in the country, and the first experience is always memorable, isn’t it?
Looking forward to it!

Ok, I hope you all are well and have a nice season in your city!

Hope to see YOU soon!!

Best wishes,