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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

Here, I’m back to YOU! How have you been? I’m well in Belgium and have been working on a photo project for a long time!

Well, this winter was so cold and so long, but it’s getting warmer and spring seems to be closer now, and I hear some birds have started singing in the early mornings and evenings. I hope that your city has better weather than last month!

Since I haven’t updated my NEWS for a while, I have lots of NEWS for you this time! It’s kind of good, isn’t it?

The first NEWS is…

I would like to announce about some of my selected solo shows this year!;

4 solo shows
in total are palnned this year so far – this spring, 2 shows will be held in Japan (Tokyo in April, andKobe in May – June), and then another show is planned to be held in Czech (Prague in October), and lastly, another show will be followed- in Switzerland (Oberwil in November – December). Hope to see YOU some of these shows this year!

Well, I’m preparing to visit Japan for the first 2 shows right now, and first of all, here are the details for the show inTokyo;

***REIKO IMOTO Photo Exhibition
A STRING OF MEMORIESRecalling Phantom Lights

Dates: April 1st (Thu) – 30th (Fri), 2010

Place: Gallery Tosei 5-18-20, Chuo, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Phone: 03-3380-7123 Fax: 03-3380-7121
E-mail: Map:

Open Hours: 11:00 –19:00 (The last day is until 14:00)
***Sundays and Mondays are closed!***

*Gallery Talk (by Reiko Imoto and Kiriko Shirobayashi) will be held at Gallery Tosei on April 2nd (Fri), 19:00-21:00.

Please contact Gallery Tosei to make an appointment for the Gallery Talk if you are interested in participating. Thanks!

“Portfolio review event with Reiko Imoto” is also planned to be held at Gallery Tosei in April, so please contact the gallery for the details if you are interested. Thanks!

Gallery Tosei
is a wonderful photo gallery with a book publisher, and the gallery is especially for Silver Gelatin Prints. It will be my second time to have a show at Gallery Tosei since 2008. This upcoming show “A STRING OF MEMORIESRecalling
Phantom Lights (KIOKU no KINSEN ~ Soukisuru Maboroshi no Hikari)” will be composed of my “brand new” series of work, and it will be the first time to exhibit this!
This work is about “recalling old memories through particular lights”.

I will stay in Tokyo for the show for many days in April, so it would be great if you could visit my show and / or the gallery talk if you are in Tokyo in April! I look forward to seeing YOU all! Thanks!

Then, here are the details of the following show in Kobe in May – June;

***REIKO IMOTO Photo Exhibition
DREAMSCAPESVisual Spirals of Consciousness / Unconsciousness
(The show is specially held for the “2 years anniversary of

Dates: May 8th (Sat) – June 13th (Sun), 2010

Place: Gallery TANTO TEMPO
Kensho Building 3F,2-1-3, Sakaemachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, JAPAN

Phone & Fax: 078-393-0810

Open Hours: 11:30AM -7:00PM (**closed every Wednesday and holidays)

*Gallery Talk will be held at Gallery TANTO TEMPO on May 29th (Sat), from 4pm. (My slideshows of past works will be projected at the event.) Please contact the gallery if you are interested in participating. Thanks!

The “DREAMSCAPESVisual Spirals of Consciousness / Unconsciousness” show includes 2 series of works; “Dreamscapes” and “Dreams of the Amnesiac”. Both series are about “memories and dreams” which you can only see in your mind.

Gallery TANTO TEMPO is a wonderful photo gallery, located in the center of Kobe. I’m very honored to be offered the show on the 2 years anniversary of Gallery TANTO TEMPO as I am originally a local of Kobe! If you are in Kobe / around the city in May or June, please visit my show and “gallery talk”! I hope to see YOU all! Thanks!

The next NEWS is…

Here is a “photo report” of my show “Dreamtime” which was held at Galerie 4 in Cheb, Czech Republic last autumn. Thanks a lot for your patience while waiting for the report! Please click the picture below to enjoy looking at the snapshots from the show! (34 pics.);

Ok, I hope to see YOU in Japan soon! I’m also very much looking forward to seeing the Sakura (Cherry Blossoms) in April there :) For Japanese people, it is something very special and important to enjoy every spring, since the flowers won’t last for long just like “fireworks”, you know? Well, it’s a bit longer than fireworks, but it’s the same phenomena that people gather to enjoy watching the “short beauty”. I wonder how it would be if the cherry blossoms bloomed for every season, and how we would react to the “common” flower… ? But, anyway, it won’t happen, and Sakura is like the “diamond” flowers – the rare beauty in my country… If you plan to visit Japan soon, I recommend you to go there from very early April to see Sakura, and if you do so, please don’t miss my shows by any chance :)

Have a great season soon!

Best Wishes,