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Wednesday, September th, 2010

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all? Excuse me that I’ve been away travelling a lot this summer…

I’ve been to Japan and the USA since my last update.

How was your summer? Hope you have all been well and doing good!
This summer in Japan has been extremely hot and humid! It was absolutely the most abnormal summer ever. I’m back to Belgium now, and the weather here is alright. I hope that your city has a good one!

By the way, I have lots of things to let you know this time since I had a long rest from this NEWS page! It’s kind of nice to come back, isn’t it?

Ok…, here is NEWS about my upcoming shows (solo shows in Czech Republic and Switzerland, and a group show in Japan).

First of all, here are the details for the solo show in Czech (Prague);

Wings of TimeExhibition by Reiko Imoto

Date: October 1st (Fri) – November 4th (Thu)
Place: Gallery FotoGrafic
Hours: 12:00 -19:00 (Open Daily)

Opening Reception: Saturday, Oct 2nd (from 19:00), 2010

TEL: + 420 603 186 470
E – MAIL :

This solo show “Wings of Time” is planned to contain 2 series; “Time Traveler’s Diary” which is a series of monochromatic photography, and also “fly, flew, flown” which is a little series of colour photo collages. Gallery Fotografic was established in 2003, and it’s located in the middle of the historic town of Prague. This show will be the 2nd time to exhibit my works in the Czech Republic, after Cheb last year. Please visit this show and the opening reception if you are in or around Prague in October. Thank you. Hope to see all soon!


The next, here are the details of my solo show in Switzerland (Oberwil);

Visions of the Other SideExhibition by Reiko Imoto

Date: November 12th (Fri) – December 11th (Sat), 2010
Place: Galerie Monika Wertheimer
Address: hohestrasse 134 (ziegelei) ch-4104 Oberwil, Switzerland
Hours: Saturdays (14:00 – 18:00), or with an appointment by phone

Opening Reception: Friday, November 12th (17:00 – 20:00)
Closing Reception: Saturday, December 11th (17:00 – 20:00)

TEL: + 41 61 403 17 78
E – MAIL :

In this solo show, my classic photo series “Visions of the Other Side”, which is my origin of “photo Surrealism”, is planned to be exhibited. This series of work has been shown in the USA (Savannah, GA) in 2002, in Poland (Lodz) in 2004, and in Belgium (Brussels) in 2006. I am so happy to have an opportunity to show this series in Switzerland this time! It will be my second time to show my work in Switzerland after in Basel in 2006. Galerie Monika Wertheimer specialises mainly in fine art photography. Please visit this show and the opening and closing receptions if you are in or around Switzerland in November and December! Thanks. Hope to see you all soon!


And lastly, here are the details for the group show in Japan (Kobe);

RYO OHWADA Special Exhibition &
Collection Exhibition

Date: Sat. Oct 2nd – Sun. Oct. 31st, 2010
Place: Gallery TANTO TEMPO
Address: Kensho Building 3F, 2-1-3, Sakaemachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, JAPAN

Open Hours: 11:30AM -7:00PM (**closed every Wednesday and National holidays)

Phone & Fax: 078-393-0810

Gallery TANTO TEMPO is a photo gallery where I had a solo show in May and June this year. This time, a couple of my pictures will be exhibited in the “TANTO TEMPO Collection Exhibition”. This group show will be held with aspecial show by Mr. Ryo Ohwada. Here are the photographers who are included in the “TANTO TEMPO Collection Exhibition”; Patrick Taberna, Meg Birnbaum, nomoto pirppiro, Reiko Imoto, and Corrine Mercadier.

I’m afraid that I won’t be able to visit this show myself since I’m in Europe this autumn, but if you are in or around Kobe in October, please visit this show! Thanks.

This October is also a special month of TANTO TEMPO in which you can enjoy a lot of photo events as a photographer / collector / fan of photography! Please check out about the events on the website of TANTO TEMPOabove, and join them!

That’s all about my upcoming shows.

Ok, well, here we go! This is a “photo report” (without words) of my solo show “STRING OF MEMORIESRecalling Phantom Lights” at Gallery TOSEI in Tokyo, which was held in April this year. Please click the image below to view the show. And then, please click icons of small images to view the next photos! ( 17 pics.);

And, also here is another “photo report” (without words) of my show DREAMSCAPESVisual Spirals of Consciousness / Unconsciousness at Gallery Tanto Tempo in Kobe, Japan, which was held in May- June this year. Please click the image below. And then, please click icons of small images to view the next photos! (21 pics.);

The next NEWS is…

My works (silver gelatine prints with dtitions) are now represented by 2 galleries in JapanGallery TOSEI in Tokyo (represents 24 images of my work), and Gallery TANTO TEMPO in Kobe (represents 14 images of my works). Please contact the galleries, if you are interested in purchasing my prints! Thanks 😉

Here are the represented pages on their websites and the contacts to inquire about my prints;

Gallery TOSE


Well, the next little NEWS is…

You can now watch a slideshow of my “fly, flew, flown” series (with original music, the length of the work is 2 min.and 28 sec.). Please click the video below to watch it. Thanks!;

Belgium has changeable weather nowadays, but after raining, the sunshine is so clear and beautiful… I just love to see the sunshine! And, after raining, lots of snails come out from greens in a park, and you know, it’s hard to walk and not stand on them! I like snails, too. What lovely and curious creatures, they are!

Looking forward to meeting with YOU at one of my upcoming shows!
Ok, I got to run…

Take care, and have a great season in your city!
See you soon :)

Best wishes,