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Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

It’s freezing cold in Brussels now, but snow is covering every colour in the city, so it’s a beautiful monochromatic season!

My show “Visions of the Other Side” at Galerie Monika Wertheimer in Oberwil, Switzerland closed nicely earlier this month. Many thanks to those of you who visited the show! I would like to say “Thanks a lot!” to Monika Wertheimer, the gallery owner, for her great help for the show and opening and closing receptions! I was very happy to have a show at the wonderful gallery! Also, thanks a lot to Erwin Staeheli for installing the show, andEvelyne and Erwin for their supports! I also appreciate that my prints were selected to become a part of an art collection – thanks a lot to F. Hoffman- La Roche AG. As an artist, it is important that my art can be permanently archived at such a place in a safe environment…

I will post some pictures from the show, and also from my previous show in Prague soon! Please be patient, thanks!

Well, we only have few more days until next year! I’ve still got many things to be done by the end of this year, and yes, I’m trying to do them now! How are you all doing and what about YOU? Hope that all of you are well and doing well, too!

Next year, I have a plan to organize and curate a group show in Brussels, which will represent 8 emerging photographers from Japan. I will post about it in the NEWS when it becomes more realistic. And also, I’m going to start planning my new photo book which will come out from a publisher in the future… I’m so excited. Otherwise, I would like to focus on shooting and creating for my new projects next year!

Thanks a lot to YOU all for all the supports, sharing time, and good energy for this year! Wishing YOU a wonderful, creative and healthy year 2011!

Ok, I’m running! So, see you soon next year!!

Best wishes,

Through a window in snowy Brussels…