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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

Thanks a lot for all of your support for my country! Your support has been really helpful for the people in the north of Japan!

We are sorry that my country caused this nuclear problem for the world, and we are sorry if my government hasn’t said “Thank you” to your country yet, even though your people had given us lots of donations for the north of Japan! As I heard, my government hasn’t said thank you to Taiwanese people yet, so I must say that we are very sorry about it, and we do thank to people in Taiwan very much as well! Thanks a lot to your great support! We all appreciate you very much!! Again, thank you so much to those of you all who supported Japan!

I went to the north of Japan (Ishinomaki city in Miyagi prefecture) last month for volunteering activities. The city still looked like hell because of the Tsunami wave’s effects. Near the seaside, there was nothing to look at; it was only a flat surface of land – I mean that lots of houses were destroyed and were taken away by the massive Tsunami waves.

There were lots of mountains made from tons of wooden parts of broken houses everywhere. I saw many objects among the mountains of broken wooden parts -broken cars, home electrical appliance, personal objects, shoes, ornaments for houses, souvenirs from trips, toys… They all used to belong to someone who was lost or survived, nobody knows anymore. It was shocking to look at, but it was important for me to remember the horrible sights in order to help the survivors now and then.

The people in the north of Japan are tough and strong, and very kind. I met so many lovely people in the last 2 years when I traveled to the north. The people in the north were still tough and so modest as I met them last month… Peace and hope must come back to make these wonderful people smile again in the future, but more help is needed for them for sure. I will go back to the north for volunteering next month again… I hope that the city will look better since last month!

Well, the charity show “Socio Arte KOBE 2011″ at Gallery TANTO TEMPO for the north of Japan that I participated successfully finished last month. 100 prints in total by more than 30 photographers were sold in the show. (My 11 prints were sold as well :) Thanks a lot to Ms. Mariko Yamada, the president of the Gallery TANTO TEMPO, and many thanks to Mr. Takeki Sugiyama, the director of the gallery. And also, thank you so much to all the supporters for the show! As a result, 833,292 Yen in total including donations was gathered and sent to the Japanese Red Cross and Japan Platform. I hope to continue to participate in such a charity show!

Hope that you all are well! I’m well in Brussels now, and taking pictures a lot and making art everyday! My new photo book is planned to be published next year! So, please look forward to it!

Well. I watched a film called “Pina” by Wim Wenders last week! It was a dance, documentary-art film that was made for Pina Bausch. It was just wonderful and amazing… and so moving!! All the music used in the film was great as well!

Ok, hope to see you all somewhere soon!
Please take care, and have a great summer!!

Best wishes,