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Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all? Hope that everyone is well! How is your summer / winter going? My summer has been alright!

I went to Japan (Kobe, Tokyo, and Miyagi pref.) in July, and also went to France (Paris, Normandy, and Bretagne ) in August. I had many things to do this summer… The scenery around the coasts of the North West of France was something special, and I made lots of new pictures in France.

Well, now I have NEWS for you!

My new, monograph photo book is going to be published this autumn! (from a wonderful publisher in Prague, Czech Republic :)

The title of the book will be “Visions of the Other Side” and will include 2 series of works – “Visions of the Other Side” and “Time Traveler’s Diary“. It will be my first “hard cover” photo book. And, a beautiful written introduction about my work (by Ms. Kyoko Jimbo, a curator of photography and art in Japan) will be contributed.
Translated in 3 languages – Czech, English, and Japanese.

More details are coming soon in this NEWS page! So, please come back to check, and look forward to the book! Thank you!

I’ve got to visit Prague often this autumn for the publication. I’m looking forward to visiting the museums and galleries there, as well as shooting many pictures for my current project!

Wishing you a great season!
Take care, and hope to see you all soon!

Best wishes,