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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Thanks for visiting my web!

Hello, how are you all? Excuse me that I was away from this NEWS since spring… I’m well and I’ve been busy to create new art works 😉

Wow, it’s already autumn on the calendar! Hope that you all are well!

Ok, ready? Here is NEWS!

My works were selected for a group show which will be held at Galerie d’YS in Brussels this month.

Here are the details;

DISCOVERIES exhibition

With the works of
Kate Lyddon & Maria Bajt, collaborative works on paper
Lotte Van De Walle, paintings
Reiko Imoto, photographies
Aliye Dorkip, works on paper
Maël Nozahic, paintings
Caroline Gaedechens, works on paper
Marie Boralevi, collages on paper
Gabriella Boyd, paintings

Place: Galerie d’YS – Rue de l’Arbre Benit, 84 – 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Dates: 6, 7 & 8th September 2013 | 2pm – 7pm | Parallel to Brussels Art Days
Also from 14th to 29th September 2013 | Thu – Sat 2pm – 6:30pm & Sun 1pm – 3pm

Also, coming this October, I will participate in an art fair in Brussels (ART ON PAPER), represented by Galerie d’YS. Here are the detais;

ART ON PAPER +1 (2013 edition)

Place: White Hotel
212 Avenue Louise,
1050, Brussels, Belgium

Dates: 3rd to the 6th of October 2013
Thursday 3rd (7:30pm – 12am): opening on VIP invitation only
Friday 4th (10am – 10pm): exhibition and nocturne
Saturday 5th (10am – 8pm): exhibition
Sunday 6th (10am – 6pm): exhibition and closing

Represented artists by Galerie d’YS;

Annabelle GUETATRA (one person show)
And also
Lindsey BULL
Yasemin SENEL
Anya-Belyat GIUNTA

The selected works (4 pieces) of mine for those shows are from “Visions of the Other Side” series and also from “Time Traveler’s Diary” series.

Please visit the shows if you are in and around Brussels in September/ October!
Thank you! Hope to see you there.

Also, my upcoming solo show will be held in Kobe, Japan in November… I’m planing to show my photography works and also brand-new collage works with an unknown technique which I have discovered 😉 More details will be announced in the next NEWS! So, please look forward to it .

Autumn is the season for art… Hope that YOU all are enjoying art and creative things :)

Ok, take care and see YOU sooooon!

Best wishes,