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 Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Hello, there. Thanks for visiting my web!

How are you all? I’m fine, and hope that all of you are well :)

It’s still the season for ART this month, and here is the NEWS for my upcoming show in Japan…

Private Mysteries – The Enigmatic World
Photography and Collage Works Exhibition by REIKO IMOTO

Dates: November 16th (Sat) – 22nd (Fri), 2013

Place: Gallery BUBURIN-do, Motomachi Ebisu Bulding (3F), 1-10-11, Motomachi-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan.
Phone: 078-321-1154

Gallery Hours: 12pm -7pm
* Gallery is closed on Wednesday, November 20th.
* The show ends at 5 pm on the last day (Nov. 22nd).

For this “Private Mysteries – The Enigmatic World” show, a large selection of my photo and collage works will be introduced, mainly the photo series of “Time Traveler’s Diary” and “Visions of the Other Side”, and also a series of photo collage prints ; “fly, flew, flown”.

On top of that, several works from the photo series of “Dreamscapes”, “Dreams of the Amnesiac”, and“Another’s Hand” will also be exhibited. More than 70 pieces of photo works will be shown, and to add to them, 20 pieces of paper collage works are going to be exhibited, which were made with a new technique, called“Decalcotage” – mixture of Decalcomanie and Frottage, which I found by myself 😉

This series of collage work is brand-new! It’s also fresh for me to show some non-photographic works like these since a quite long time… I’m excited! Hope that you will enjoy the show!
Please visit the show if you are in and around Kobe in the middle of this month! Hope to see you all there soon!

Ok, I must run!
Have a good season, and good luck with whatever you do now!

See YOU all sooooooon!