Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year to you all!
Thanks a lot for your support and kindness last year!! Thanks so much to those of you who visited my show(s)! Thanks to those of you who have been visiting my web so often!!

I really appreciate all of you!! I hope to see YOU all soon this year!

New Year in Belgium is freezing cold, but luckily I haven’t caught a cold for almost 4 years. So, I’m well and working on some projects at home this winter. This year, I’m palnning to visit Japan / Asia quite often after this winter for my shows and some projects and events. I’m looking forward to the trips! I will update the details / dates whenever they come up more clearly in spring. Before that, I hope to update some “photo reports” about 2 of my shows which were held until last December in the south of France (Provence)…. Oh, I miss Provence! The blue sky, the landscapes, the warm weather, and the wonderful people….
The photo in my new year card below was taken in Lacoste in Provence last autumn. Please enjoy!

Have a great holiday season! Please take care and keep warm.
Looking forward to seeing YOU soon!!

R .